Pod Express

by Governer Shreds

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released September 30, 2014



all rights reserved


Governer Shreds Boston, Massachusetts

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Track Name: Violence in Me
My eyes are sitting cloaked off the wrong gate
I'm jumping blind and it's too late

Hurry up, it's time to go
The ping went out an hour ago
This FC's so goddamn slow

Get into space, it's time to rock
Bubble your own fleet, don't ever stop
These fucking goons should all be shot

I've got that violence in me
Like nothing I've ever seen
I gotta lose my ship, so won't you come with me
I've got that violence in me
Like nothing I've ever seen
If you're horrible when it comes to pvp
Fly Space Violence with me

My eyes are rolling back into my head
Syndicate is fucking dead

There's nothing good in my time zone
Ev0ke left four hours ago
But that's okay, cause those guys blow

Iberians don't wanna play
When I warp in, they run away
They camp the same damn gate all day
Track Name: Patch Day Blues
Well I work all day, I just toil away
Another hour, a dollar more
Get into my car, know it won't go far
Got a hole rustin' through the floor

I get home in time to play Eve Online
Another punishment I must endure
No matter what I do, I can't log in, can you?
Oh baby, I got them patch day blues

Patch day blues, coming right from CCP to you
Patch day blues, sing with me if you feel it too

I can only sit moaning with this patch downloading
So many gigabytes to go
Out of curiosity I check connection speed
It says 'Numbers don't go that low'

I don't know about all of ya
But from Somalia is where my connection comes
Every time they patch, my retinas detach
I give up and play Dark Souls 1

I got them patch day blues
My internet's slow, so slow
There's nothing I can do
I'm gonna play some Dark Souls
Track Name: Carrier Down (Wallet Up)
I wake up in the morning
Think back to what I did last night
My assets are lighter
But my isk's going higher
My carrier lost a fight

Something I knew I never should do
My mistake is in plain sight
But if being this wrong is so goddamn fun
I never wanna be right

My killboard's gonna cry
I keep playing like this
Scratch that capital itch
My carriers can't stay alive

Platinum insurance is giving me courage
I jump when I really should dock
My carrier's down
But my wallet is up

I told you for forever
You're the only ship for me
But dropping your ass on a big gang of saps
Is the best part of pvp

I might've got greedy
And acted too needy
I never meant to leave you to die
At the end of the day I don't care what they say
At least my Paladin got out alive

I'm so sorry that you're gone
I never meant to lead you astray
And replacing this loss
Takes the better part of a day
Track Name: Fight Me At The Sun
I will chase you through space
There's no time to waste
I'm gonna catch you, pubbie

I will talk so much shit
You can't handle it
You fucking white knight pubbie

I will make you

Fight me at the sun
An honor one on one
Fight me at the sun
My fleet will have some fun

We will warp in on you
You're totally screwed
That's what you're getting, pubbie

All your space friends are trash
So please kiss my ass
I'll make you so mad, pubbie

You will want to

We're here to wreck you
Not to respect you
Your game is over now

So fly home baby
And someday maybe
We won't kick you in the dong

Until then, you will have to
Track Name: The Hole I'm Looking For
Somewhere in the stars of the night, I'm looking for something
Lonely and airtight
I don't know if i'll survive the day
But with Astrometrics 1, my Orca will find a way

In a wormhole with a Proteus on scan
He'll be coming after me
Good thing I fit for pvp

Got my scram
My neuts and Warrior I's
If he warps in on me, we're in for some fun

And somewhere out there
Is the hole I'm looking for
For me to enter, admire, and adore

I'll send my probes out to search the endless shore
Because somewhere out there
Is the hole I'm looking for

I've been waiting for this moment for so long
Got my fit from Goonfleet
My tank can not go wrong

I got a hundred thousand EHP
And nearly fifty dps
I'm gonna put this Proteus to one hell of a test

Somewhere in the stars of the night
My capsule is drifting
Lonely and airtight

But I know Holesquad will be proud of me
I came the closest to a killmail
In our sig's whole pvp
Track Name: SRP
So I jump into local and see some guys just sitting on the Orvolle gate
They camp this shit like every day
And me, they fucking hate

Cause I keep showing up in brand new ships
Burn them down one at a time
And every single loss that I inflict hurts way more than one of mine

Makes the pvp life easy
I am the 1%
I got so much fucking money
You can't even make a dent

I'll fill the whole grid with wrecks
Name every ship 'Bitch I Got Cash'
I pvp every chance I get
I will hand you your fuckin' ass

You're all so good at running away, it makes you damn hard to catch sometimes
But when every loss is another payday
I'll press F1 until I go blind
Track Name: This Game is Horrible
I've flown over and under this entire place
I've seen a hundred thousand people
And I've shot them in the face

So many go star to star looking for a place to call their own
I'll burn Jita and I'll burn you
But I won't burn alone

Oh, this game is horrible
If you have to fly alone
Your family in Goonfleet is calling you home
So answer back, it's time to go

So many dreams await in the place we call our home
Mining, industry, pvp, or a pos of your very own

But our bitter enemies, they hate us as we thrive
So contract your stuff to me, and I'll get it there alive

Space riches and space fame are just a security deposit away
Fear not the vile scammers who want to ruin your day
And if you lose your shit, that's the kind of game we play
Cause this ain't no Warcraft, baby
This game is, this game is
This game is horrible
Track Name: Pod Express
I know a way to escape to anywhere
Anytime, anyplace, it never fails, I swear
It takes me all the way
When it's time to go

When you're lost and not okay
Just get out, there is a way
It will take you home

I've got a one way ticket on the pod express
I sat on the titan, pressed F1 with the best
But now it's 3am and I'd like to get some rest
So won't you send me home on the pod express

Don't be afraid, it can send you anywhere
i will stay, I will fight, you don't have to care
I'll send you all the way when it's time to go

So hold your breath and close your eyes
Go to your clone and say goodnight
I'll see you on the other side

Oh, send me home...